Everyone’s faking it

Dan Germain
Group Head of Brand, innocent
Managing Yourself

About Dan Germain

Dan has worked at innocent since launch in 1999. In that time he has been responsible for writing, advertising, design, tone of voice and building the brand. He has worked with agencies and generated plenty of work via their in-house team, which he now has the pleasure of leading and managing.

Dan has also done a 12 week stint as Visiting Creative Director at Wolff Olins in London (Spring 2013). In 2012 he did some work as a consultant, helping other businesses improve in the areas of creativity, tone of voice, being entrepreneurial, hiring the right people, writing adverts, etc. Clients included Dyson, Coca Cola, GOV.UK/GDS (UK government digital service) and MPC. In 2010 he was Visiting Creative Director at Method in San Francisco.

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