Revert to your company values when facing a tough decision

Duncan Goose
Managing Director & Founder, Global Ethics
Challenges Strategy

About Duncan Goose

Duncan Goose has a background in advertising , marketing and business development. He formed Global Ethics Limited to raise funds for humanitarian projects in developing countries by harnessing the power of every day consumerism.

By connecting products with human needs, on a like-for-like basis, he hopes to change the way we view our everyday purchases. The first initiative was to launch a bottled water brand, called ‘One’, which donates all its profits to fund water projects in Africa.  The vision was to establish the brand in the UK in the bottled water category and then extend it globally and across categories.  

Global Ethics has ambitious plans for the future with developing other like-for-like initiatives and the ‘One’ brand has already extended into different products and service categories and over the last few years has raised over £14m to funding humanitarian projects, impacting on over 3 million people.

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