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James Parr is a designer, entrepreneur and technologist who for over 15 years has been dedicated to answering the question: How can we help innovate radical new approaches to systems problems?

Trillium Technologies, of which James is CEO, is a systems design and engineering contractor that develops innovative technologies and services in the areas of ocean, climate and space.

James is also a co-Director of the Frontier Development Labs, alongside NASA and the SETI Institute.

In addition, James is the co-founder of Imaginals, a UK and US-based consultancy focussed on supporting organisations to engage in new approaches to sustainability and systems innovation. Imaginals’ clients include BP, Barclays, SC Johnson, Nike, the US State Department and NASA.

Imaginals have been a leader in championing the rise of the social intrapreneur within multinationals, the practice of creating dedicated Green Teams, and the application of systems innovation, social enterprise technology and partnerships to tackle a new era of complex challenges.