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Kelly is the Director of Tellus Mater Foundation, the private family foundation dedicated to capital market reform, sustainable capitalism and systems change as a means of preserving natural capital.

She is also the founder and Managing Director of Marmanie Consulting. Prior to launching Marmanie, Kelly spent 10 years as a private banker in the US, London and Hong Kong. Kelly began her career at Merrill Lynch before moving to UBS, where she was ultimately positioned as the Head of South East Asian private banking, and managed a team of 25 across 5 emerging markets. She led the first business sector in the Asia Pacific region to double its assets in less than 18 months.

Kelly founded Marmanie Consulting Ltd as a collaborative consortium of consultants in 2006. Guided by the principle of sustainability of growth and values, Kelly works with clients to maximize their potential as individuals/businesses. Kelly’s passion is combining great business ideas with capital and resources to implement those ideas on the ground.