Films from Peter Woodd


Peter Woodd has over thirty years’ experience serving in executive and board level positions in global, multi- national companies in the UK, Europe and the USA and in a number of companies founded and directly managed by him. During his career he has focused principally on business and financial management and business development. He is a recognized authority in the fields of holographic and document security printing and has consulted widely in those areas for over twenty years.

During the course of his business career he has also developed a number of new business ventures, bringing several forward to trade sales or mergers and restoring others to viability as independent going concerns. Among these were: Light Fantastic (UK); OPSEC Ltd (UK and USA); Ratsey and Lapthorn Ltd (UK); and Holoco Ltd (UK), along with several ventures in the Listed Properties development and classic yacht restoration marketplaces.

In 2005 he formed Nanoco Ltd in the UK to explore the relevance and application of newly emerging nano- technologies to the fields of security printing. Shortly thereafter he founded IDT Systems Ltd and, since that time, the company and its affiliates have rapidly become the driving force in the “Print on Demand” marketplace, facilitated by its proprietary digital image transfer, film and in-surface printing technology.